Milesi wood coatings are designed and developed by more than 200 chemists and technicians in the European Research and Development Laboratories of IVM Group.

They work cooperatively for the ongoing development of wood coatings. These laboratories are among the most modern and innovative in the world, able to meet customer requirements, from small to large industrial users.

Milesi products are manufactured in the modern plant of Parona in Italy.  The Parona plant is a unique production facility in terms of size and architecture.  It is the result of large investments and total commitment by the IVM Group.  The production plant was constructed to ensure production standards that are among the highest in the world.

Environmental Standards

Milesi has always been committed to enhancing safety, health and environment protection and to the reduction of the impact of its processes, products and services on the environment.  Milesi attentively evaluates the real or potential impact that all its production and commercial activities can have on the safety and health of its Colleagues, Clients, public and environment in general, defining behavioral standards and using industrial practices which can lower as much as possible any kind of environmental risk.

Quality Products

The quality of Milesi wood coatings and coating systems comply with the most rigorous quality standards of the coating sector.  Milesi is one of the largest and influential wood coatings manufacturers in the world since 1947.



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