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KremlinFor 90 years, KREMLIN REXSON designs, manufactures and commercializes equipment for the application of thick or fluids products for the automotive, wood and plastics markets. 

In 2003, Kremlin received ISO 9001 Certification - 2000 version - issued by LRQA for its activities of research, manufacture and distribution of equipment for painting applications.
This ISO 9002 certification received in 1998 confirms the will of all actors of the firm to provide the same worldwide quality for all his products and services.

At Pinellas Paint we specialize in the Kremlin EOS 10-1 and the EOS 15-1 series Spray Equipment


Feature Products

 EOS10-C18 + Xcite AIRMIX 



GracoSince 1926, Graco Inc. has been a leading provider of premium pumps and spray equipment for fluid handling in the construction, manufacturing, processing and maintenance industries. Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Graco works closely with distributors around the world to offer innovative products that set the quality standard for spray finishing, paint circulation, lubrication, sealant and adhesives dispensing, process application, and contractor power equipment. These best-in-class products are manufactured in the U.S. and China and supplied through our distribution centers in Minnesota, Belgium, Japan, Korea, China and Australia.

What sets us apart from our competitors is our history, a focus on highly-engineered, quality products, industry-leading innovation and the solid partnerships we form with customers and suppliers around the world

At Pinellas Paint we recommend the Merkur and Merkur ES lines of Spray Equipment:

 Merkur Pumps and Spray Packages

 Merkur ES Spray Packages 

 Graco Product Line 

Titan Spray Equipment

TitanTitan has a sprayer built for any type of job you need to tackle.  Whether it’s a small property management project or an aircraft carrier Titan has a dependable sprayer that will get the job done.

Titan offers a full range of powerful sprayers that can handle heavy coatings and tough applications.  Our sprayers incorporate the simplicity, durability and reliability that contractors and professionals need.  Whether it’s intricate woodwork, cabinetry and furniture or metal railings, piping, and lockers, fine finishing requires precision and control that Titan Fine Finishing Sprayers consistently deliver.

 View the Titan product line 

 View Titan product manuals



FestoolFestool has built our reputation by obsessing over on the details that don’t seem to matter to other tool manufacturers. Simply put, we don’t build junk. In our opinion, our tools do not have a premium price, they have an exceptional value. After a little use, you will find that the gains in efficiency, coupled with the exceptional build quality of the product, delivers value that far exceeds the difference in price. Once you’ve rid yourself of special shop-made jigs and workaround approaches to your tasks, we’re confident that you will find Festool to be far less expensive by comparison. Festool tools are built to last, designed and manufactured at our own facilities in Germany. It is our guarantee that you will not be disappointed in the performance or durability of our products.

At Festool we design our power tools...

  • Solve Problems
  • For The Way Work Happens
  • With Your Comfort In Mind
  • To Save Time
  • For Quality, Reliability & Flawless Execution
  • For Portability

Visit Pinellas Paint for a demonstration of Festool Cordless Drills, CXS Compact Drills, Dust Extractors and Sanders!

 Festool Website 


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